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Aug 6, 2019

In this episode, Cal Folger Day talks to Martin Cook about her journey from playing classical music on the piano and sticking strictly to the sheet music, to writing her own songs and arranging verbatim pop operas – and she performs some of her songs for an audience at Marrowbone Books in the Coombe. 


Jun 18, 2019

Elizabeth Laprelle’s first singing partner was, she says, her mother Sandy Newlin.

In this month’s Music at Marrowbone Books, Laprelle talks to Martin Cook about ballads and banjos, combining story-telling with music, and the influence of her hometown barber.

“I’m a collector, not a composer,” she says,...

May 28, 2019

Rachel Ní Chuinn swapped guitar for clarinet a few years ago, which she melds with live electronics into expressive sound.

In this month’s Music at Marrowbone Books, the musician and sound artist – and member of the Dublin Laptop Orchestra – performs some of her improvisations. They build on...

Apr 30, 2019

Sinéad and Catríona Kennedy often play Donegal-style traditional tunes, but sometimes they're originals.

Where do those songs come from? It's like they're hanging in the air, in a space, waiting to be plucked, says Sinéad. "I feel like tunes are kind of around, and you happen upon them."

In this month's Music at...

Mar 26, 2019

Some of Danny Carroll's song-writing starts with an essay, he tells Martin Cook, in this month's Dublin music podcast. That's to get his thoughts straight.

Then, he'll simmer that down into the snarky commentary on modern life that runs through the songs of Shrug Life. 

You can hear him perform and talk about some of...